Tian Huiping ------ Interpreting Miseries, Enjoying Life

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Tian Huiping ------ Interpreting Miseries, Enjoying Life

Journalist: Wu Fei, May 6. 2010


Beijing Youth Daily


【Wu Fei Intervielw】


1989, she was 31, her son Yang Tao, who was soon four, as he was diagnosed as autistic.
March 1993, she came to Beijing and established “Stars & Rain”, the first facility for children with autism in China, focused upon educational service --- one of the first NGOs in China.
1994, Reader’s Digest ( Asia Version) copied an article from South China Morning Post about “Stars & Rain”, then sent an award to her with a title “Hero for Today”.
2008, “Stars & Rain” was on the top of the Philanthropy Award list which is issued by the “Red Cross Society of China Jat Li One Foundation Project” to seven NGOs as “Model Projects”in China. In the same year, she withdrew from the director of Stars & Rain, works still at lectures to parents with their children with autism.
She says: the value of people with disabilities is, telling us the meaning of equality and respect. Their existence declares to all--- the differences caused by us indeed can not be changed, what will you do? The final discovery: It is WE, people around them, who must be changed. Changing us to respect and accept people who are different.



【Notes of the Interview】
Have Survived and become clear

April 2010, this world was getting new scars from catastrophes: mining disasters, earth quick, volcano… and the spring was hesitating to come than usual.

   But the journalist started her April with a story of a mother, Tian Huiping. A story sunk and overwhelmed through 25 years in this busy world.
         This world is never lack of new miseries, and therefore never lack of the shocks about them. However it maybe because they are easier noted at the moment they occur. In fact miseries are a part of life, only they occur with different features and processes how human lives go through them and the sides reached afterwards.
         Autism is also a misery, especially in current China. When a family has a child with autism, misery is the title of their daily life both to the kid and to his family. How long the family could endure, and how far the mother’s journey could reach?
         In the story of Tian Huiping and her son Taotao, the most impressive things catching me are the undoubted, explicit interpreting and displaying of “Difference” and “Individual” what makes this easily “sad and sympathetic” story with another quality__ “be stuck with awe”. In China we describe an extremely unhappy life with “life in piercingly cold”, but from Tian Huiping’s story we feel hardly wretchedness but the instinctive fighter with her destiny and fate, which challenges her endless patients and perseverance.  
         Now it is 2010, the world autism may not so strange to Chinese like in the years Tian Huiping started Stars & Rain. There are now several series in TV describing stories with an autistic child as decoration to appeal the audience.
         Back to 1997, where only the movie “Rainman” and Dustin Hoffman catching the attention to autism in the world, but not in China yet, the 4 year old Stars & Rain were forced to move for the 4th time.
         That year, Tian Huiping was 39, emaciated surprisingly. I am not capable to tell how shocked I was at the moment meeting this woman, a single mother, the leader of a small hardly maintainable school. Everything could be read from her looking.
         13 years have passed away, how are Tian Huiping and Stars & Rain doing today? And her son Taotao?  I still remember the last meeting with him with his school bag on back, came home alone after school… How big is he today?
         March 30, I knocked the door of Tian Huiping’s home again. She can not remember how I was looked, but still remember clearly my last question to her 13 years ago: “What is your original dream of life?” However I was shocked again by the first glimpse of her__ a beautiful lady much younger than 13 year before!
         She treated me with the soya bean milk made by herself, fried eggs with the first leeks grown from her balcony. In each corner of the house I can feel the successes of a fine and tasteful hardworking woman. Both of us can still remember her answer to that question: “housewife”.  
         “I really am enjoying my life.” She says, still single, and Taotao is still autistic.
         “I have survived.” In 2010, Tian Huiping expressed her understanding of life within this sentence. “I am clear about what is the meaning of life.”



This is the new life period, I feel not only contented but also luckily: If I didn’t have Taotao, can I experience such a meaningful life? 
Wu Fei: How come that I feel you are in much better condition than I met you in 1997?
Tian Huiping: I have survived.
Wu Fei: How and what happened to make it? Is there some one loves in you?
Tian Huiping: I am always loved. But I believe that every body is a pass-by except Taotao. He is my ever lover.
Many friends of mine have children graduate from high school or universities in these years. They can’t help feeling lost when the kids turning their attention more outwards the family. I always try to convince them: this is your success and his success. Not every mother can expect such a day when their kids say: “Oh, mom, what I am busy with is none of your business! I can deal with them.”
In another word if we change the view: I will never have such a lost feeling like them. I always say: My son is the only man in this world who loves me forever and whom I can love forever. (lol) It sounds teasingly, but it is my life. It is not rare that a woman believes her love in her son forever. In opposite however, she is never sure that she is the most loved woman of her son forever. We, as mothers of an autistic boy, are firmly sure about that. (lol) My friends always say: look at Taotao’s loving eye contact to her mother, and the loving smiles when watching his mother… his only presents it to his mother. I feel more than enough contented. What do you want to expect else, if you have some one who loves you without any requests and change in his whole life?
Wu Fei: This is in deed a unique way of thinking…
Tian Huiping: I can remember that I was dreamed of a live as housewife: staying home and taking care of children, husband and managing household. I hated to go out as a work lady to deal with the complicated world. I then complained about my wrong marriage. My dreamed life could not be realized due to the husband who could not earn enough, so that I could stay home.
But those thoughts troubling me were disappearing soon later. I was too busy and full scheduled with working in Stars & Rain. This is a life with so many things worth doing that you would forget about everything except feeling proud and meaningful. You can’t help believing that each day is ended valuable. Even when I was cleaning up a corner in classroom or tidying up a desk, I feel happy because I know I was working for a beautiful thing and to a meaningful goal.
Then, probably since 5 or 6 years, I enter another period in my life. It is not only that I don’t feel not sad and unlucky any more, more likely I feel that I am so lucky. I am only grateful for the life I have. God is spoiling me! I’m very happy with those feelings, I have survived from then. Life is no more a suffering struggle. It is a thing to enjoy.
Thanks for my Taotao, without him would I ever have a chance to live so contentedly? No, I don’t think so. I’m grateful for Taotao, for being a part of him.  
There are more and more people working for children with autism today in China. However it should not mean more and more occupational “killers” around autism.
Tian Huiping: Indeed the older the children with autism grown up, the bigger is the challenge to the typical community structure --- supporting system with services and care. I have visited facilities for people with autism in many western countries. There I can see what do they have for people with disabilities based on community, and how they think and talk about promoting a better service for adult autistic person, so that they could have chance of a normalized life. Changing people and community is very important. Otherwise they would not have a chance to be accepted.
Wu Fei: But all these have not built in China yet.
Tian Huiping: Exactly. That’s why a family’s life is soon and almost destroyed when they know that their kids will be lifelong disabled. Parents have to struggle in the rest of their life. This is a forced struggle, not depending upon your wishes.
       I feel grateful when I see Taotao. He is so quiet, patient and sweet. A friend of mine says, when every time he comes up to see me in Beijing, “You are a great mother, because I can see how contented Taotao is.” I say, “I am not the one who is great, it is my Taotao. What a patience he must have to endure the circumstances which is not prepared to have people like him as a part there. We all should thank him for his tolerance to us.”
       My Taotao is an autistic boy with “clean” behavior, means he has hardly behavior problem. Occasionally he gets upset and excited, but everybody does the same, isn’t it? I’m grateful for him. Taking care of Taotao will be more and more challenging to me who is getting older and weaker. Thanks God, I have my Taotao in his lovely and caring way.
Wufei: Is this because of his nature? Some autistic person tend more aggressive?
Tian Huiping: It is indeed proved by scientific researches, how influential the effective intervention could be to an individual. What I have done is: using the approaches of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis, developed in USA in 60s) to communicate with Taotao, solve problems. ABA has becoming the model of my thoughts, the way of my behavior, and the philosophy of my life: collect date when problem occurs, analyze when having date, change the things causing the problem…It helps me to understand Taotao, and helps him to understand me. Both of us are benefited from that.
       Today in China, there are many facilities/schools working with autistic children, governmental or non-governmental schools and organizations. But most of them are working in a wrong belief: we can change them to be as normal as the way we are.
Wu Fei: They think this is “teaching them”.
Tian Huiping: This is wrong! More people working with autism shall not means that more occupational “killers” occurring. Killers who work to kill autism, to change them to be non-autistic, with traditional rejection behind it--- won’t stand people with autism being a part of us. This is wrong! The correct is, that more people working FOR autism, work between autism and society: promote more understanding and ability of the typical world, how to share the world with them, and also helping the autistic children/adults to adapt it. The value of our work at Stars & Rain is: we are here not to extinguish autism, instead of that we are here to share the same world with them.
I take now each chance holding lecture to the parents in all parts of China. I still give 4 lectures to the parents at Stars & Rain within one semester (4 semesters each year). One of the points I emphasize is: if we only attempt stubbornly changing our kids according to our criterion today, there would be many aggressive autistic persons around us in the future. It is really a result caused by the wrong efforts we did now.
If I am capable to correct the wrong tends in the area of working with autism in current China, it’s not my mind. I just am doing what I think is correct and what I can. Most of the autistic individuals challenging his circumstances with aggressive and violent behaviors are shaped during the process of their growth. Image please, how hard and terrible it is, if one can not make him understood, and only suffers in a world full of misunderstanding and confusion. Taotao is not the kind of case, because he has a professional communication assistant_ that’s me.
       Taotao was invited to visit Germany with me, and he also has traveled everywhere in China without my accompany. He tries his best getting alone well with different public situation. Many say to me: “It’s Taotao who makes you accomplished, and you who makes Taotao accomplished. You both are working for each other.” Every time when I am told, how lucky Taoatao is to have me being his mother. I want to say: how lucky I am to be the mother of Taotao. We are shaping each other. We are a perfect combination of luck. I’m grateful for this arrangement of God.
It is a question of ability to full the life with value. It’s depending on yourself, who turns miseries to treasure or to trash.
Wu Fei: You talked about that there are more and more facilities for children with autism. Is that not started from you?
Tian Huiping: Yes, I think so. Before Stars & Rain, “autism” was only a term for 3-4 doctors used for diagnosis. Stars & Rain makes it to a public issue with multi-needs behind it, which question the chance of education, equal right of education, requirements of families, rights of parents for a normalized pretty life and so on…All these issues was first put forward by Stars & Rain. So I have more than enough reasons to be contented and proud, I guess.
       My pride is not built on me, it is built on Taotao. On one of my trips to USA, a colleague there watched me for a while and then said to me: God has selected you to be the mother of an autistic kid in today’s China. I often remember this and agree. Yes, it is Taotao’s mission to be sent to this world in his way, and I am the person who carries the mission for Taotao to realize it. So I am really proud of Taotao. It seems that he has few business with this world, but it is not so. He motivates us to change the philosophy we had believed. I only am a worker for his mission. I have lived up to this task. I haven’t disappointed Taotao and God, if there were really one. I feel really accomplished, this is the feeling: I have survived.
Wu Fei: What do you think that Taotao’s coming to this world should advise us?
Tian Huiping: Respect and Equality. We are here for a better world. We should learn how to accept people with special needs. We need learn techniques to accomplish it. When parents come to Stars & Rain for their parenting training, we first talk about with them: don’t expect that you will leave here with a child who is no more autistic. You come with him and go home with him who is autistic. What must and can be changed during the training? That is the parent who change their mind from “the kid is to change” to “What we must learn to be good parent of our autistic kids”.
Because of our work, people with special needs should enjoy more from life. We are not working to kill them for a society which will not see them. We have been working a lot in this issue through our teacher training program for new organizations and schools. We must thank to the donors from all over the world who supported our teacher training work, for example, the German Misereor, American Ford Foundation, Rotary Beijing club, Canada Songqingling Children Foundation…
       I often share with parents when they feel sad and hard with their autistic kids: do you ever think how hard the life is to our kids? I can not image what a patience and power Tatao needs to stand the world he must live in! I can’t tell how much I admire him.
One of my Japanese friends said: if there must be some people in the world autistic. Taotao is lucky, because you are his mother. I love what he says. I am selected to be his mother, because I am more capable to love him, respect him, accept him and protect him. Think about the current China where there has not been any social security system yet, all people with disabilities are living dependent on their family care. Don’t worry, Taotao, I am with you forever. I am the best one. Yet I will fight for you for a better community and understanding in China.
Wu Fei: I feel that you are very powerful in one point: make your misery life as positive as it could be.
Tian Huiping: Yes, my life changes me. I was also very despaired in the first years of the diagnosis. Another mother of an autistic boy said: We are not a human being if we are never sad because of our kids. But we are not good person, if we only sunk in the sadness without getting out of it. This has become my belief, my attitude and my philosophy. Every body has to face some miseries in his life, it could be a chance of treasure, it could be nonsense. It depends on our selves.
       I used to be badly spoiled girl. If there were not a chaotic Culture Revolution, I would believe that the world was only for me to be loved. My family was suffering horribly and survived finally. My life seemed coming back to the spoiling world. I was the first university students after the Culture Revolution, and was sent abroad for study in the first years of opening time in China… a girl to be jealous of. However after my return from Europe I was told that my son eas autistic, life long disabled…God is very equal. If you have got much more benefits than others of your age, you will one day challenged either much more than the others. If one never has a life with challenge, it is because he is too stupid to convince God. (lol)
  I very enjoy watching how Taotao makes differences to this world. He is so harmless, why not?
Wu Fei: I like a story of you. Once a mother was complaining about his autistic son: I can not understand why we deserved having an autistic kid. Both I and my husband come from families of well educated background. My brother and his two brothers are all graduated from world famous Universities like Columbia University, Oxford University… You interrupted her with anger: And what kind of people you think deserved having an autistic kid? If the education you are proud of only helps you having more reason to discriminate people in the world, that education is nothing than shit! Want to be proud of your education? Start to learn how to think equally to your son from now!
Tian Huiping: I blamed mothers in this way several times. Sorry. But they are all grateful for me afterwards. I in fact was not different than them, only I’m changed from learning being a mother of Taotao. Taotao is a mirror and lighthouse to me. When I am confused and going to wrong direction, I can discover it from Taotao, and know how to come back to the right me. Because of Taotao I found out how much shit we have in our thoughts, we must clean them up.
Taotao walks sometimes very slowly upstairs. I first tried to tell him faster, because he is in the way of others in subway station. Now I just think: ok, why others should not learn, that someone can not walk faster, and they can go around him. I often enjoy watching the picture: how Taotao makes differences. He is harmless, why not! A picture of harmony.
       So this is the most important value of people with disabilities: telling us what is equality and respect. If they don’t keep their unchangeable way among us, there would be a world of unlimited dictators, where only the “standards people” are accepted, where each of us must be rejected one day, because there isn’t a standard, every body is individualized, every body is different and has his special needs. I do it from me, from every detail in my life, and try to influence others: start it to respect my Taotao.
I originally don’t think, that woman should be evolved in the work outside the family. But Taotao encouraged me to develop my potential power and ability, and to my surprise I did it! By the end I would share wit you: women are living only for love. From love comes respect. And the more you respect others, the more you are loved by others. One should not only live for herself, this is my belief. I don’t know if it were my nature. Yet I’m grateful for Taotao, because of him, I would never live only for myself.


Autistic son helps mom get a life

By Lian Mo (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-06-15 07:30

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Autistic son helps mom get a life
Tian Huiping, founder of China's first autistic patient aid organization, says her responsibility is heavy. ZOU HONG / CHINA DAILY



Germany's former first lady, Eva Luise Kohler, visited only one NGO during her five-day trip to China in May - Beijing Stars and Rain.

The organization was the first in China to help children with autism and their families.

Tian Huiping, its founder, has spent 17 years challenging the way society views children with the disorder, driven by her own haunting story.

Her interest began when a doctor explained to Tian why her 4-year-old son was different from other children.

She says it was the moment her life fell apart, before she put it back together again, stronger and better than ever.

It was 1989 and Tian was stunned by the news that the disorder had no cure.

That feeling of despair was unusual to Tian, who had been born into a senior cadre family. She had gone to college in 1977, the first year after the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), and was among the first generation of Chinese students to study aboard.

At the time she learned about her son's condition, Tian was a teacher with Chongqing Constructional Engineering College and had her future mapped out.

But in the six months that followed her conversation with the doctor, she lived in desperation and doubted the meaning of the life.

She remembers that she yelled at her mother: "As long as this kid lives, I am a total loser. My life is over."

She said she was full of blame for her son and felt life was not worth living.

During that difficult time, Tian learned that at least 400,000 children in China were autistic.

And in March 1993, she decided to try to make a difference by giving up her prestigious job to travel to Beijing with her son to start Beijing Stars and Rain in a private kindergarten.

She said the plan was to help other parents with autistic children.

"I did not know I was starting an NGO. I had to register with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau at that time, although I was starting a non-profit organization. It was not until years later that I learned that I was one of the first generation NGO founders in China," she said.

Tian started by living in a room under the stairs, like Harry Potter in the J.K. Rowling books, while the kindergarten got off the ground.

"Four graduates from normal schools joined me after I wheedled a bit to make them join in," she said.

At the time, she had no idea how long Stars and Rain would last or how it would evolve.

Within two months, things deteriorated when neighbors forced the kindergarten out of its space because they were afraid of the children and because the kindergarten's owner realized it was not going to make a profit.

"We only had six children in the beginning," she said. "But we had to move three times in the first half year. Autism was a word only known to pediatricians at that time. People did not understand or accept us."

But Tian was not about to give up. She used to tell her friends: "The Tian you know is dead. The one that is left is only the mother of Yang Tao (her son's name)."

In 1994, American Reader's Digest (Asia Edition) reproduced an article about Stars and Rain from the South China Morning Post and named Tian "Hero for Today". That was when Stars and Rain started to receive donations from foreign countries.

But still Tian did not feel at ease. "I had to be responsible for every teacher and every penny the donors gave us. That responsibility was heavy and serious," she said.

Today, the 53-year-old is officially retired from Stars and Rain but she still teaches eight hours a term on the insistence of the parents.

She said some of her most important work is with the parents. One of them once complained: "I do not understand. Why did this happen to me? Why is our child disabled? Both my husband and I are well educated. My husband's siblings graduated from Oxford and Columbia universities."

Tian said she became angry and asked: "So who do you think deserves a disabled child? If you think your education gives you the right to classify others, it would be better to be an illiterate. If you consider yourself elite, you need to learn that everyone is equal."

Tian said she once had the same sort of superiority complex but her son helped her see how ridiculous that was.

"Autistic children cannot be cured and they will not change. So we are the people who need to change. We need to change to be able to respect and accept those who are different and who are vulnerable."

Today, Stars and Rain has 29 staff members and five trustees. The organization has helped more than 6,000 families and given specific autism teaching training to 210 teachers from different parts in China. Many organizations have since followed its lead and offered help to autistic children and their families.

"I finally felt I had been successful when I handed Stars and Rain over," she said. "Some donors used to say that Stars and Rain was dependent on me but now it is not. It can run well without me."

Tian now enjoys a peaceful and quiet life with her son who she enjoys and appreciates very much. She said she came to realize several years ago that she was lucky to be the mother of an autistic child because her son brought meaning and abundance into her life.

China Daily


Autistic son helps mom get a life






A Turn on the Red Carpet:
My Adventure at the Premiere of Ocean Heaven
Tian Huiping, Founder, Stars & Rain
I’m pleased to report that the Chinese film Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂) premiered in Beijing on June 14, 2010. The movie’s China premier took place two evenings earlier, on June 12, when it opened the Shanghai International Film Festival to positive reviews. The movie traces the story of a terminally ill father who struggles to find a safe place in the world for his 22-year-old autistic son. The boy’s mother died years earlier and the death of his father will leave him with no one to care for him. Written and directed by Xue Xiaolu, the movie is based in part on Xue’s observation of my long-term quest to help my autistic son Taotao and to raise China’s awareness about autism.
For me, the film’s Beijing premiere culminated years of work devoted to improving the lives of China’s autistic children and their parents. Although I arrived to the premiere too late to walk down the red carpet, I experienced magic, nonetheless.
“I did what I promised you,” said movie phenomenon Jet Li, who plays the father in Ocean Heaven. Li approached me that evening as if I were the star.
Li brought his two sweet young daughters to the event. I was touched to see how lovingly he was playing with them--how different he seemed from the Jet Li in kung-fu movies! “Didn’t I promise you when we first met that I’d help make autism an issue across China?” he asked, shaking my hand and smiling confidently. 
He then turned to his daughters. “I want you to remember this lady. She is a real hero, because she has been fighting for a better world for children with autism.”
After the screening I was asked by journalists how to judge Li’s performance in the movie. He understands parents of children with autism, I said. He portrays so well the tough spirit that parents need to fight against hopeless circumstances. This kind of struggle is different than the combat he portrays in his other movies, but the fight for a good life for our children is every bit as hard as his kung-fu battles.  
The role of the son, based on my son Taotao, is played by Wen Zhang, a hot young actor. He is good friends with Taotao, who smiles whenever I mention Wen Zhang. In the movie, the son doesn’t realize what’s happening to his father.

After watching the film, people in the audience who know Taotao were moved to tears by how well Wen Zhang brought him to the screen. When I got home that night I found an email from a friend in Germany who had just seen the movie trailer. “In some scenes it’s as if Taotao himself were on the screen—what a performance!” he wrote. When I conveyed these

compliments to Wen Zhang, he told me he is honored to call Taotao his friend. “He and I are the same age, and we will be friends my whole life.” As a mother just as distraught (as the father Jet Li plays) about what will happen to my son after I am gone one day, Wen’s response moved me to tears.
Though I may have missed a chance of a lifetime to walk the red carpet with writer-director Xue Xiaolu, thank goodness I didn’t miss the opportunity to meet her 16 years ago. Today Xue Xiaolu (I call her Lulu) is a recognized script writer in China. But when we first met she was a graduate student at the Beijing Film Academy Institute. She happened to read a magazine article about Stars & Rain and asked me if she could volunteer at the school. Lulu became one of our earliest volunteers. Since then we have become close friends, and Taotao now has a beautiful and loving Xue Ayi (Auntie Xue) in his life. It’s also a first for the young Lulu to be called Ayi!
I should disclose that I nearly missed the film’s Beijing premiere entirely. Although I’d been looking forward to the event for some time, that day I was suddenly struck by fatigue and sadness. In anticipation of the evening’s gathering, I had asked my staff to look after Taotao. Though he smiled at me before leaving the apartment, I felt broken. For 17 years I have been fighting for one thing--a world where he and others like him would not feel lonely without me (and their parents) one day. The opening of the film was a milestone, yet there I was sitting at home paralyzed, unable to collect myself.
Finally, I put on the dress I’d bought for the occasion, applied make up for the first time in my life, and left.  In the end, maybe my arriving there too late to walk the red carpet was punishment for trying to look like a movie star instead of my everyday self. In fact, I am the ordinary mother of an autistic boy who just wants the people she loves to live healthy lives of dignity.
After learning about the movie, parents across China have asked me to tell Xue Xiaolu how much they appreciate her for making a movie about families with autistic children.
Many, many thanks to all of you who have helped Stars & Rain make a better world where people with autism and disabilities are loved and accepted!
Tian Huiping (Hope Tian), Founder, Stars & Rain
June 15, 2010


Pic 1. Jet Li: ?I did, waht I promised to you. Is it, that autism is an issue 
now across China?“ I said: “I come to express thanks for your
dedication and  contribution on behalf of parents in China.”

Pic 2.Wen Zhang: Taotao’s caring friend. His performance makes many
confused, who know me and Taotao: I even forgot that it was not Taotao
on the screen”.

Pic 3.The film is a gift to all parent in the world. I am with Jat Li, his two little daughters,
Xue Xiaolu and her daughter.

Pic4. & 5. I, Taotao, Lulu & our friends, in 1995.

Pic4. & 5. I, Taotao, Lulu & our friends, in 1995.Pic4. & 5. I, Taotao, Lulu & our friends, in 1995.

Dear Hope,
My heartiest congratulations! You make us proud. Thanks for continuing to be a moving force in China and around the world. You have transformed a generation of children and their families. I'm proud to be working with you.
Jim (USA)
My dear Tian Huiping, these are great news ! I feel really glad of what's happening to Xing xing yu and to you. Congratulations, this is a blessing for what you did, for what was done. Let me know what follows...
Philippe (France)
Dear Hope,
I hope you were able to find the energy to go to the premiere.  It is such a thrilling occasion and so meaningful because yours and Taotao's lives inspired the story.   I am so happy that Jet Li made the movie.  With his reputation and charisma the movie will do much to educate Chinese about autism, and build more tolerance and opportunities for autistic children.
All best wishes,
Marjorie (USA)
Dear Tian,
I was also bursting in tears when reading your moving story, but - first of all - I am only proud to got the chance to got to know to you, to know your son and to learn what you have done in order to give him and so many more autistic people a life in dignity.
You really deserve the red carpet, and please, be brave and walk it, because you empower so many others who still might feel lost and helpless.
I hope to get the chance to watch the movie.
Your friend of the bottom of my heart, Dorit (German in Vietnam)
Hope I am so proud and excited for you!  You are so deserving!  Congrats!  Miss you! 
Cara (USA)
Hi Hope,
 This is most EXCELLENT news!!!!  I am so happy for you, and so proud of you. You will help shape a new world view for modern China, one that views disabilities not as shameful, but as valuable. You will help China understand that Autism is not a curse, but an opportunity. Congratulations on this very important day for you, and for China, and for children with autism.  
You are awesome. I am so very proud to call you my friend.
 Big hugs and lots of love to you and TaoTao, from Barb, Chris, Jack, Laura, & Sarah. (USA)


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